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Vallcorba Enginyers is an expert firm in opening of establishments that offers services in Sant Llorenç De Savall.

Our goal is to provide knowledge and training so that anyone can undertake their services in complete safety, knowing that things have been done correctly and that the established regulations are respected.

We help the entrepreneur to obtain permission from the authorities, the authority to carry out the works, the legalization of the necessary installations, the management of the works and also the interior design. We are in charge of processing the relevant documentation at the Sant Llorenç De Savall Town Hall and we establish communication with the municipal technical manager to present the project and establish the basic and serious points.

We always propose that before renting the premises and signing the contract with the owner, you talk to the experts at Vallcorba Enginyers to complete a report on the true state of the premises and thus be able to determine the extent of the works. There are premises that at a glance the consumer does not know how to fix the investment.

Our aim is to provide a complete technical service to the consumer so that he can focus on the aspects that he really masters and not have to worry about anything.

Llicència d'activitat Sant Llorenç de Savall

We can classify the activities according to the environmental impact they generate in the municipality:

Before starting the works, we always ask the town centre of Sant Llorenç De Savall for a detailed urban planning report to ratify that the activity that our client wishes to carry out complies with the urban planning directives and that there are no problems in the future.

From our office we can help you with the openings of:

  • Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias, tasting rooms
  • Offices closed to the public
  • Offices open to the public
  • Coworking
  • Food shops such as supermarkets, fruit shops, butcher’s shops, grocery stores, etc.
  • Non-food shops (clothes shops, stationers, tobacconists, jewellers, ironmongers, florists, radio announcers, mobile phone repair shops)
  • Medical centres without overnight stay. (aesthetic clinics, dental clinics, …)
  • Analysis and research laboratories
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Workshops and dark kitchens
  • Public and private car parks
  • Industrial buildings
  • Logistics warehouses and distribution warehouses
  • Hotels, hostels, hostels
  • Production industries (iron, wood, machinery, etc.)
  • Concept stores with a range of activities (shop with cafeteria, hairdresser’s with bar, etc…)
  • Clothing rental services

To start a business, not only do we need an activity project, but we may also need a reform project and an electrical project.

Frequently asked questions about Activity and opening license in Sant Llorenç De Savall

When is a minor works project needed?

Legally, a building project is required when alterations are made to the distribution, that is to say, when new floors are made (whether ceramic or plasterboard) and also when ramps are made or stairs are removed. More information.

When is a major works project needed?

Often the activities do not end up requiring a major works project, as this is necessary when a modification is made to the structure.

When will we need an electricity project?

In order to determine whether an electricity project signed by a professional is required, please consult table ITC-BT-04 of the Low Voltage Electricity Act.

In many cases, the activities are public premises if they have a capacity of more than 49 people and, therefore, a project is required.

Sometimes it is also compulsory in industries if they have more than 20kW or mechanics, as they are considered as premises at risk of fire.

A project will also be required for car parks with mechanical ventilation or parking areas with natural ventilation and more than 5 parking spaces. More information.

Will they ask for more documents?

Further engineering projects may be required when the thermal installations are larger than 70kW, or when a gas installation of more than 70kW of power is carried out.

When is a previous firefighters’ study required?

A prior report from the fire brigade and a subsequent favourable control document from a control body is required in those cases where the activity is classified in Annex II of Law 3/2010, which regulates the law on prevention and safety in matters of fire in establishments, infrastructures, activities and buildings.

Are there any controls by regulatory bodies?

In the majority of municipalities, the council itself, when it obtains the documentation, determines, depending on its own criteria, whether it will carry out a routine control of the company, or whether it considers the documentation sent to be valid. The more written documents that can be sent and the easier they are to believe, the fewer reasons the Council will have to carry out the inspection. Control Entities are usually required in Barcelona and in certain areas that require this inspection service.

How can the activity be classified?

From our office, we can consult the consultation at the Sant Llorenç de Savall town council free of charge and we will advise you on the procedure to follow.

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