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What are the subsidies for aerothermal energy?

Subsidies for aerothermal energy are a type of financial aid that each autonomous community offers with the aim of promoting the implementation of aerothermal systems in residences. These subsidies are aimed at end users who wish to replace their conventional thermal system with a renewable alternative.

The incentives for aerothermal energy come from the Recovery Plan for Europe “Next Generation EU” and the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. These resources aim to promote the implementation of green installations, boosting the transition from fossil to renewable energies and thereby reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide.

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Amount of aid for aerothermal energy

Aid for aerothermal energy is granted in the form of non-repayable grants, which means that no repayment or consideration is required. These grants consist of fixed unit amounts that partially cover the eligible costs.

The subsidies for aerothermal energy are split down into two main items:

Aid for aerothermal energy: basic amount

A fixed value is established for each unit of power of the aerothermal heat pump, i.e. for each kilowatt (kW) of capacity of the heat pump, a certain amount is granted.

The capacity of the system is determined by taking into account the heating capacity stated in the data sheet or the manufacturer’s specifications, as tested in accordance with UNE-EN 14511. In the case of aerothermal heat pumps, the heating capacity value A7W35 is used.

The threshold of the basic amount to be received is calculated according to:

  • Residential sector: €500/kW up to a total maximum of €3000 per dwelling.
  • Public and third sector housing: €650/kW up to a total of €3,900 per dwelling.

Aid for aerothermal energy: additional amount

An additional fixed amount is added to the basic support in case it is necessary to adapt the existing heating system to the new aerothermal equipment, in order to obtain a higher efficiency. For example, this additional amount is granted when installing underfloor heating, low temperature radiators or fan coils.

Currently, the most recommended combination is that of aerothermal and underfloor heating, as it significantly improves performance and saves considerably on energy bills. Another option that is also highly effective is the combination of fan heat and low-temperature radiators.

The threshold for the additional amount to be received is calculated on the basis of:

  • Underfloor heating: If the floor is underfloor heating, a total of 600€/kW can be received, up to a maximum of 3600€ per dwelling.
  • Low temperature radiators or fan convectors: In this case, you can receive 550€/kW, up to a maximum of 1830€ per dwelling.

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Frequently asked questions about subsidies for aerotermia

Who can apply for the aerothermal aid?

The aid for aerothermal energy is aimed at end users who wish to replace their conventional thermal system with a renewable one in their homes.

What is the duration of the subsidies for aerothermal energy?

The duration of the aid for aerothermal energy is from 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2023, as stipulated in Royal Decree 477/2021.

How can I obtain this aid?

If you need help to obtain aid for aerotermia, contact us and we will inform you of everything you need to know.


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