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The electrical projects for parking lots will be required according to the technical instruction ITC 04 of the Low Voltage Regulation. They are classified into two types:

  • Parking lots that require forced ventilation
  • Parking lots that have natural ventilation.

For parking lots that require forced ventilation, the electrical project signed by an engineer will be mandatory, regardless of the surface area and number of parking spaces.

For parking lots that require natural ventilation, the electrical project will be mandatory if more than 5 parking spaces are exceeded.

For both parking scenarios, the same protocol will be followed, and the regulations will vary depending on the dimensions and characteristics of each parking lot.

The electrical project consists of a descriptive technical report that describes all the concepts, mechanisms, and lines of the parking lot. Additionally, it includes a section with calculations for all the lines, detailed plans and positioning, and finally, measurements that describe all the elements of the installation.

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Frequently asked questions about electrical projects for car parks

How is it considered whether a car park complies with natural or forced ventilation?

To determine whether a car park complies with the air renewal regulations, it is necessary to study each case and apply the regulations that govern these parameters, such as the Technical Building Code, Metropolitan Building Ordinances and city by-laws.

Do the cables to the ventilation motors have to be of high safety?

Because car park ventilation fans are considered essential for smoke evacuation in case of fire, they have to withstand high temperatures for as long as possible and therefore they have to be of high safety.

Is an inspection by a Notified Body necessary to make the bulletins and legalise the installation?

According to the Low Voltage Technical Instruction ITC 05, inspection and certification by a Notified Body is not necessary if the number of parking spaces does not exceed 25.

Is it compulsory to install an electric charger for the legalisation of a new car park?

The instruction that regulates this regulation is ITC-52, and in public, company, office or cooperative car parks, it will be compulsory to install an electric charger for every 40 spaces.


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