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What is electric vehicle charging?

For all new electric vehicle charging installations, it is necessary to study in each case whether an electrical project signed by an engineer is required or simply a brochure from the installer.

The ITC-BT-52, which came into force in July 2015, regulates electrical wiring installations.

Before going into this regulation, ITC-BT-04, which regulates the projects that must be signed by engineers, it talks about:

  • Corresponding infrastructures for the recharging of electric vehicles with a power of more than 50kW.
  • Outdoor recharging installations with a capacity of more than 10kW
  • Installations that include charging stations foreseen for charging mode 4, with no power limit.

Apart from those described directly, it is also necessary to consider the following cases where the electrical project may be required:

  • The existing installation has a power increase of 50%.
  • The electric grilles in garages with more than 5 places and natural ventilation.
  • Electric grilles in garages with forced ventilation (without limit).
  • If they form part of a public place (restaurants, hotels, etc.).

By means of this project, it will be possible to design the installation and process the new supply point or the extension to be made with new supplies.

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Frequently asked questions about electric vehicle charging in Barcelona

Why can Vallcorba Enginyers help you with the installation of electric vehicle charging?

Because Vallcorba Enginyers is up to date with the new regulations and provides services to installers and end users so that they can achieve their objectives of installing electric recharging points with guarantees.

What types of electric vehicle charging points are there?

Apart from the different types of charging points, which vary according to their safety, there are faster and slower charging points. The slowest would be a conventional 3.6kW home charger and depending on the model of the car it could take between 10 and 12 hours, and an ultra-fast charger would have 100kW and could be charged in 20 minutes.

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