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What is an electrical project?

It is a document that is required for the legalization of low voltage electrical installations classified in the Low Voltage Regulation in its technical instruction BT-ITC-04.

It describes which installations must be legalized by means of an engineer and project and which installations do not require an electrical project and therefore the authorized installer himself can legalize the installation with his stamp and signature.

The parts that make up an electrical project are:

  • Descriptive technical report
  • List of power ratings
  • Line calculations
  • Site plan
  • Situation plan
  • Plan and section plan with positioning of electrical elements
  • Single-line diagram
  • Budget
  • Health and safety study

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At each point, parts of the installation are described and graphed, the regulations to be complied with are cited and it is justified that the project elements comply with their dimensioning.

These are some of the most relevant installations that require an electrical project:

  • Public premises, with no power limit.
  • Connection installations of more than 100kW. (Multi-family buildings)
  • Industries of more than 20kW
  • Garages with forced ventilation, without power limit.
  • Garages with natural ventilation, if they have more than 5 spaces.
  • Premises with risk of explosion or fire, without power limit.

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona

Proyecto eléctrico

Frequently asked questions about the electrical project in Barcelona

When is a premises considered to be a place of public concurrence and therefore requires a project?

A premises is considered to be a place of public concurrence as determined in BT-ITC-28. To summarize, this would include premises, offices, restaurants, etc. with a capacity of more than 49 people at a rate of 1.5 people/m2 (excluding m2 of lobbies and corridors).

When are premises considered to be explosion risk premises?

A premises with explosion risk is considered as determined in BT-ITC-29. To give a relevant example, all mechanical workshops are considered as explosion risk because oils or petrol can be spilled on the floor.

For which buildings is an electrical design required?

As mentioned above, all multi-family buildings with a power of more than 100kw. As an approximation, this is equivalent to buildings with high electrification (i.e. the AC is electric) and with a power of 9.2kW. From approximately 8 floors upwards.

Why is Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes the right firm to carry out an electrical project for you?

Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes has experience in all types of low voltage electrical legalizations

In the vast majority of activity legalizations, it is always necessary to legalize the electrical installation because they refer to a place of public concurrence, a car park or an industrial production building.

The service is solid and the years of experience are the guarantee of a correct legalization of the electrical installation and the contracting of the supply.  

Proyecto eléctrico Vallcorba Enginyers

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