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When is an electrical project necessary for a restaurant?

Electrical projects for restaurants are carried out when the restaurant is considered a public gathering place and is classified according to ITC BT 28. Legalization of the electrical installation is an essential requirement for the city council, contracting a new meter or for having the certificates correctly completed.
All public gathering places without a power limit must be legalized through an electrical project and an inspection by a notified body.

The classification of public gathering places consists mainly of determining if the useful area of the premises exceeds 40m2. If this surface is exceeded, the capacity will exceed 49 people and therefore will be classified as a public gathering place.

If the restaurant has a capacity of less than 49 people, a project will not be necessary.

The electrical project is composed of a descriptive technical report that describes all the concepts, mechanisms, and lines of the restaurant. Additionally, it also has a section of calculations of all the lines, detailed plans and positioning, and finally measurements that describe all the elements of the installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panel Procedures

Do public places have to comply with specific specifications?

Yes, the regulations specified in ITC BT 28 must be followed, which describe all the points to be taken into consideration. For example, lighting lines must be on 3 separate circuits for safety reasons.

Is emergency lighting required?

Yes, emergency lighting is mandatory for all restaurants and must be located in each room so that in case of a power outage, people do not panic and know where to exit.

Can the electrical panel be placed near the bar?

According to regulations, the general electrical panel cannot be placed near damp areas. Therefore, it can be placed near the bar, but it must be at a distance of 1.5m from damp areas.

Does the hood motor require a high-security cable?

The hood motor requires a high-security cable because it is a safety element and high temperatures can be produced due to the type of cooking, so a red-colored cable is required to supply it with energy.

Do the cables have to be halogen-free?

All interior cables for public places must be halogen-free according to ITC BT 28. Halogen-free cable is green in color and does not propagate flames.

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