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What is the Energy Efficiency Certificate?

It is a report that provides details about the energy properties of homes and premises, assigning them a classification through a label that reflects their energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. In the assessment of energy consumption, aspects such as the heating system, cooling, hot water, and lighting are considered. Additionally, the quality of materials in elements such as the exterior closure, carpentry, type of windows, and insulation is taken into account.

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Difference between Certificate and Energy Label

The energy certificate is issued after conducting a detailed audit of the building, carried out by a competent technician, and provides specific recommendations for improving energy efficiency. It is a more extensive and technical document intended for property owners and professionals in the real estate sector who want to understand in-depth details related to the energy consumption of a property and specific areas that could be improved. Additionally, the energy certificate is mandatory in many places as part of legal requirements when selling or renting a property, thus contributing to awareness of the importance of energy efficiency in the construction sector.
The energy label, on the other hand, serves as an accessible communication tool for end consumers. Its simplified format, ranging from A to G, allows potential buyers or tenants to quickly assess the energy efficiency of a property without delving into the technical details of the certificate. This simplified visualization encourages informed decision-making and promotes the demand for more energy-efficient properties, which, in turn, drives more sustainable practices in the real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Efficiency Certificates

What is the difference between a certificate and an energy label?

The energy certificate is a detailed report on the energy consumption of a property. The energy label, on the other hand, is a visual rating based on that report, represented on a scale from A to G, which must appear in sale and rental advertisements.

Why do I need the energy efficiency certificate when selling or renting my home?

Regulations require that homes for sale or rent have an energy certificate. This label, with color code and letter from A to G, classifies energy consumption. It is mandatory in advertisements and when establishing deposits.

What does VallcorbaEnginyers energy certificate service include?

VallcorbaEnginyers performs the energy certificate with processing included at the ICAEN. This objective distinctive details the energy efficiency characteristics of your property. The service, carried out by registered Industrial Engineers, guarantees the obtaining of the certificate within a maximum of three days.
If you are interested and need assistance, you can send us an email to info@vallcorbaenginyers.com


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