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What is an energy performance certificate?

Energy performance certificates is a document that generates the label indicating the energy efficiency of that entity. 

In other words, energy performance certificates try to develop and give an assessment through knowledge of: 

  • The façade, floor and roof system.
  • The type of windows and openings.
  • The hot and sanitary water equipment.
  • Heating and cooling equipment.
  • Other… 

These certificates must be carried out both for dwellings or complete buildings and for commercial premises or buildings when these are to be sold or rented. In any case, it would always be necessary to carry out this certificate so that the owner is aware of the consumption and, therefore, the monthly economic cost for the owner. 

Energy efficiency certificates help us to know the energy status of the entity, in order to know if improvements are necessary to reduce the economic cost.

Do you need an energy performance certificate?

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If I have premises that do not have hot water or air conditioning, do I need an energy efficiency certificate to sell it?

If the premises do not have this type of installation, the energy efficiency certificate cannot be generated, as the consumption does not affect energy consumption, but you do have to inform the Generalitat, which generates a document explaining the energy situation of the premises. This document is necessary to be able to continue with the sale or rental, and must be carried out by a competent technician. 

If I have a house in the country where I do not live and I want to sell it, do I have to make the energy efficiency certificate?

Yes, the energy efficiency certificate must be done in any case.

Frequently asked questions about energy efficiency certificates in Barcelona

Why does Vallcorba Enginyers help you with energy efficiency certificates?

Vallcorba Enginyers is a firm made up of architects and engineers, which makes it possible to produce a very complete energy efficiency certificate, as it complements architectural knowledge with engineering knowledge in terms of installations. In this way, the energy efficiency certificate can be fully developed. 

In addition, at Vallcorba Enginyers, once the energy efficiency certificate has been completed, the client is advised on the possible improvements to be made in the entity in order to make progress in the efficient consumption of the property.

Is it essential to have an energy performance certificate?

Energy performance certificates are mandatory whenever a property is to be rented or sold. The reason for the obligation of this certificate for selling or renting is to inform the new tenants of the state of consumption of the entity so that they know the state of the property. 

On the other hand, although it is not compulsory to carry out the energy efficiency certificate if the property is not being sold or rented, it is important to carry out this document so that the property owner knows the energy status of the property or premises and thus assess whether any improvements can be made to help reduce monthly consumption costs.

How does the process of obtaining the energy performance certificate work?

When you want to sell or rent or simply if you want to obtain the energy efficiency certificate, you have to contact a competent technician, an architect, quantity surveyor or engineer, so that they can give you an estimate. 

Once the quote is accepted, the technician must go to the entity to collect the data, then the documentation is prepared and generated, the energy efficiency certificate is requested from the Generalitat, and within a week or a few days the resolution and therefore the energy efficiency label is generated. 

The technician delivers the energy efficiency certificate label, the report and the proposals for improvements to the property.

Can Vallcorba Enginyers help me to see what improvements I can make to reduce consumption?

Yes, we carry out a study of the improvements to be made and the cost involved so that the client can choose the option that suits them best. 

If I don’t need the energy efficiency certificate, can Vallcorba Enginyers carry out an energy study separately, in order to make improvements in consumption?

Yes, we can always carry out a detailed study of the improvements in consumption that you wish to make. 

If I have a building that I want to sell as a whole, do I have to make an energy efficiency certificate for each dwelling?

It is not necessary, the certificate can be done for the whole building.

Does the energy efficiency certificate have to be processed in the whole of Spain?

Yes, the whole State works in the same way, it is a law for the improvement of the building in a generalized way. 

Is it compulsory to carry out the improvements proposed in the energy efficiency certificate?

It is not compulsory, the certificate aims to provide information on the energy situation of the property, and possible improvements are mentioned, although it is not compulsory to make the improvements, although it would be advisable.

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