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What is franchise engineering?

Franchise engineering is a set of specialized engineering services in the field of franchises and retail. These services are aimed at providing comprehensive solutions that create value for clients who want to establish or expand a franchise.

Among the engineering services offered for franchises, we provide:

  • Design and legalization of installations.
  • Image change and interior design projects.
  • Technical feasibility reports.
  • Licenses and construction management.
  • Health and safety coordination.
  • Management and contracting of tradespeople.
  • Handling procedures and obtaining permits with shopping centers.
  • Handling procedures and obtaining permits with official authorities.

These services are provided with the goal of ensuring the correct implementation of the franchise, both in legal terms and in terms of costs and timelines, providing a comprehensive approach and a single technical point of contact for all parties involved, including franchisees, official authorities, and subcontractors.

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ingenieria para franquicias

servicios de ingenieria para franquicias

Why choose Vallcorba Enginyers as a technical point of contact?

At Vallcorba Enginyers, we stand out as reliable technical points of contact by offering our expertise in the franchise sector, comprehensive technical assistance, cost control, and implementation timelines. Our approach is streamlined and efficient to ensure the successful implementation of franchise projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franchise Engineering

What types of projects and engineering services for franchises do we cover?

At Vallcorba Enginyers, we cover a wide variety of projects and engineering services for franchises. These include franchise image design and renovation, interior design projects, design and legalization of installations, technical feasibility reports, license and construction management, health and safety coordination, management and hiring of tradespeople, as well as handling procedures and obtaining permits. We are focused on ensuring the correct implementation of projects, complying with current regulations, and optimizing the customer experience.

What is Vallcorba Enginyers’ experience with franchise engineering?

We have extensive experience in advising franchises on their expansion. Our team is knowledgeable about all business opening regulations, installation design, and we have an architecture department that generates as-built plans for the original location and exports the same design to other locations.
From a single office, we can integrate the technical and design services needed to replicate the same business in other locations, obtain the necessary permits, and correctly legalize all installations.


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