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What is the environmental license?

Apart from the law 18/2020, of economic facilitation of the Generalitat that classifies minor activities and without a great environmental impact, there is the Law 20/2009 of prevention and environmental control of the activities.

This law classifies activities according to:

  • Annex III – Prior environmental communication
  • Annex II – Environmental license
  • Annex I – Environmental authorization

Annex III is equivalent to the prior notification of opening. In this link we will talk about the classification by means of Annex II, environmental license. For this classification, the most important point is that you cannot communicate an opening directly, but the Town Hall has to study the project beforehand and once it has been reviewed, it has to give the activity license license.

Once this license has been obtained, the reforms and adaptation works of the premises or the warehouse can begin.

The classification of Annex I will not be dealt with in this link, we will only comment that an environmental authorization from the Generalitat is required and the project is already in the hands of the government of the community.

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Frequently asked questions about environmental licensing in Barcelona

Why is Vallcorba Enginyers the right firm for an environmental license?

Vallcorba Enginyers is the right firm to obtain an environmental license because it has experience with this type of activity and knows how to relate to the local councils to get results.

Is it difficult to obtain an environmental license?

In our experience this is a long process that can take between 6 months and a year to obtain the license. As I said before, once the license has been granted, work can begin and then the relevant certificates and the final activity certificate can be submitted to the local council.

What type of activity is classified as Annex II?

Bars or discotheques with a capacity of more than 500 people or with a surface area of more than 500m2, campsites with more than 1500 camping units, offices of more than 2000m2 and all types of industry with large productions.

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