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Formalities for the legalization of the installation of photovoltaic panels 

To legalize and install a photovoltaic panel installation, three main steps are required:

  • Obtain permission from the local council to carry out the work.
  • Registering the installation with the Generalitat as an electricity generator.
  • To process the sale of energy with the utility company.

For the first step, and depending on the town hall we are in, there are two main steps to carry out the work at height legally:

  • Communication or “assabentat”.
  • License for minor works.

In our experience, in most town halls a building permit is required and therefore a building project is requested in order to obtain the permit. This procedure can take a month or two and has a high cost in projects and taxes.

If the town hall allows the “Comunicado” or “assabentat” procedure, under the responsibility of the client and at a reduced cost, the works can begin.

The second step is to register with the Generalitat as electricity generators. Once this procedure has been completed, we will have the right to ask for the reduction of IBI from the town hall or to ask for the subsidies that they offer.

Installations of less than 15kW are legalized with a descriptive technical report and do not require the signature of an engineer.

Installations above 15kW will be legalized with an electrical project and an engineer’s signature will be required.

The third procedure is with the supply company, and with all the documentation generated afterwards, it is only a question of them accepting the kW compensation and making the discount with the kW delivered to the grid.

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Why is Vallcorba Enginyers the right firm to carry out your photovoltaic installation project?

Because Vallcorba Enginyers collaborates with solar panel distributors, installers and end clients for the legalization of all types of solar panels and power. We advise, carry out the projects and process them.

Frequently asked questions about photovoltaic panels projects in Barcelona

Does a photovoltaic installation that exceeds 15kw require an electrical project?

To register the installation with the Generalitat de Catalunya as an energy generator and to have the installation documents correctly legalized, an electrical project is required.

Depending on the town council, can they ask for different procedures to obtain the building permit?

Yes, each local council can ask for the documents it deems appropriate to obtain the appropriate building permit to work on the roof. The most common is that the Town Hall asks for a building project signed by a technician and it takes a couple of months to get the license.

What document does the local council need to have in order to process the IBI discount?

With the approval of the registration with the Generalitat it is sufficient to present the legalized installation to the Town Hall.

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