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What is the installation project?

The installation project is the project that has to be done to legalize a specific installation.

There are many types of installations where a project is required for their correct validation, registration with the industry and subsequent contracting of services. The most commonly installed at building level are the following:

  • Electrical installations
  • Plumbing installations
  • Fire-fighting installations
  • Gas installations
  • Telecommunications installations
  • DHW (sanitary hot water) installations
  • Solar thermal panel installations
  • Photovoltaic panels installations
  • Thermal installations
  • Forced ventilation installations

All these installations listed in the list, through the study of the regulations, it can be determined whether it is necessary for the engineering company to carry out an installation project for its correct legalization, or whether an installer’s bulletin is sufficient. 

In our blog you can see when an electrical project is necessary.

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Proyecto instalaciones


Frequently asked questions about the installations project in Barcelona

What is the difference between an executive project for installations and a project for the legalization of installations?

The difference between an executive project and a legalization project is that an executive project for installations can be drawn up without the need to legalize the installation. This project serves for the promoter to have all the execution items listed and to be able to tender the work more easily.

The legalization project is intended exclusively to justify the regulations and provide the necessary information for the industry and the inspector to issue the favorable control report. When the promoter requests the executive and the installation also needs to be legalized, the project goes through the tendering phase and once the work is completed, it goes to the legalization phase.

In the legalization project, the execution items are not detailed in such detail.

When is an installation project required?

It is needed when a specific regulation governing a certain type of installation requires the signature of an engineer and the completion of a project for its correct legalization. For thermal installations, an installation project is required when the power exceeds 70kW.

When is an installation project for fire protection systems required?

When the law 3/2010 states that this building or premises require a control report from an EAC and, together with the inspection, a fire protection systems project is required.

Why is Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes the right firm to carry out an installation project for you?

Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes has experience in the execution of executive projects and in the legalization of installations.

We are familiar with the regulations on installations and we have the appropriate training to do so. By means of our signature capacity, we can design and legalize all the aforementioned installations

We also accompany the promoter in the projection of all the installations of a new building, we advise with the decision making and we are in the bidding phase resolving the doubts of the construction companies.

Barcelona proyecto instalaciones

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