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What is interior design? 

The interior design and decoration projects aim to create charming interior and exterior spaces. 

The designs of spaces are presented according to the tastes and needs of the client, developing appropriate proposals and always providing the best options from a technical point of view. 

In order to carry out an interior design project, a survey is carried out with the clients to find out their tastes or ideas for improvement, the colours, atmospheres, comfort, demand for spaces…, and based on this survey, work begins on making proposals in 3D to see how it could look. 

The technicians propose new ideas for integrating spaces and comfort, providing added value in interior design in order to define spaces advised in a personalized way for the client.

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Frequently asked questions about interior design projects in Barcelona

Why does Vallcorba Enginyers help you with interior design?

Vallcorba Enginyers’ architecture department has experience in the design of new spaces. The demand for this service arises as a result of interior renovation projects, in which clients ask us for this service. 

Subsequently, we have expanded this department, taking interior design to other types of projects, such as the design of new business premises (restaurants, clothes shops, bookshops, ice cream stores…), façades, gardens…

We like interior design projects very much, each one is different and each one is a new challenge, we have to put ourselves in the mind of the client to be able to understand the needs and know the proposals to be made, they are motivating commissions. 

We are interested in knowing what the client wants and being able to meet the demand they need. 

We work hand in hand to obtain the ideal proposal for the client.

Is it essential to do an interior design project?

It is not essential to carry out an interior design and decoration project, they are projects with added value to create pleasant spaces in accordance with the client’s needs. Designing spaces to create a pleasant and unique atmosphere for the client.
Interior design is about technically helping the client to achieve the design of spaces they have always dreamed of, and to feel fully comfortable in their home.
Interior design changes spaces, creates homes, unique spaces with added value. To create these spaces, a specialized technician is necessary because we know the materials, finishes and construction systems suitable for each case, and we can advise our clients in the best way possible.

How does the process for an interior design project work?

To carry out an interior design project, before starting it, a survey must be carried out to find out the tastes and needs of the client.

Subsequently, we present shades and possible colours that could be suitable for the proposal. 

Two proposals are made in 3 dimensions to visualize the reality and to be able to show them to the clients, in order to be able to work on the basis of this data.  

Several visits are made to material shops to show the proposals, and the 3-dimensional proposals are adapted to see what the reality is like. 

The work begins, and the management of the work on the improvements is carried out, for the entry of the finished project. 

Technicians and clients are in contact at all times to manage all improvements and possible changes.

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