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What is the legalization of air conditioning installation?

When undertaking an air conditioning project, of any type, it is necessary to carry out a series of procedures to validate that the project is safe and complies with the requirements imposed by current legal regulations. This set of procedures and processes is commonly known as the legalization of the air conditioning installation.
So, for example, if you want to install air conditioning in your building, it is essential that you inform yourself properly about the requirements that your project must meet.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the legalization of air conditioning installation

What is an air conditioning installation?

When we talk about air conditioning or thermal installations, we refer to those related to heating, cooling, ventilation, or preparation of hot sanitary water.

How is the legalization project of air conditioning done?

To legalize an air conditioning installation project, for example, of air conditioning, it is necessary to have the help of a company specialized in the field of air conditioning installations, that is, dedicated solely to it and registered as such in your locality.

The architects or engineers of this organization will be the individuals responsible for signing your legalization project, although the installation and drafting of the report will be carried out by the technicians.

What data does the air conditioning installation legalization project include?

Generally, although what matters is the technicians’ report and the architects’ signature, this type of documentation reflects other data about the property, the installation, and the owner, such as the installed power or the area of the space.

When is it necessary to carry out an air conditioning installation legalization project?

When the installation has between 5 and 79 kW of power, it must be designed and executed by a professional who can ensure in the report that it is a project that complies with current regulations.

If the installation has a thermal power greater than 70 kW, in addition to being carried out by an authorized installer, it will be necessary for a technical engineer to design and supervise the work.

How can the thermal power be calculated to determine if a legalization project is required?

In conventional generators such as boilers, the thermal power represents the nominal heat capacity of each boiler, and if there are multiple generators, the total power is the sum of the capacities of each one, even if they are of different types, resulting in a separate total power for cooling and heating.

Where and how is the legalization project presented?

To be able to present the legalization project of an air conditioning installation, it is necessary to draft a report and present it at the offices of the General Directorate of Industry and Energy of the government of the autonomous community where the installation is to be carried out.

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