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What is optional management?

The technical management of installations consists of the supervision and making of technical decisions by a qualified technician who is responsible for the correct execution of the installation.

The technician must be a member of a professional association and have civil liability insurance. He or she will sign a certificate of commencement of the work and from that moment onwards, everything that happens on the site may have direct responsibilities.

This technician will also be responsible for the health and safety of all the workers on the site, checking that all the workers are wearing the necessary safety PPE and that all the points on the site comply with the necessary safety measures. 

Apart from safety, he will also be responsible for the quality control of the installation, asking all the industrialists for certificates of materials installed, tests and homologations.

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Normally, for minor works, there is only one construction manager who is in charge of supervising the construction and installation parts. But when the work is already of considerable dimensions, there is an optional director for the building work and another director for all the installations. 


Frequently asked questions about project management in Barcelona

Why does Vallcorba Enginyers help you with the project management?

Vallcorba Enginyers can help you with the project management of all the installations of your work because it has extensive experience in the sector and has a background of many completed installations.

Does the certificate of change of ownership have a high cost?

The certificate itself does not have a high cost, as it consists of a visit to the business and checking that the regulations continue to be complied with and that what has been planned in the license is still in force.

Is project management the same as site management?

They are very different concepts that complement each other because they carry opposite responsibilities. 

Site management is based on making the technical and executive decisions necessary to implement the project. Controlling the safety of the workers and the quality control of the materials.

The project manager is in charge of requesting estimates from different industrialists, making comparisons, controlling payments, controlling the budget and carrying out the time planning to achieve the objectives assigned to him/her.

Is it compulsory to have civil liability insurance to work as a site manager?

Yes, it is necessary to have civil liability insurance, as important decisions are taken at each meeting that have an economic cost.

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