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To install solar panels, various types of permits are required to properly legalize the installation and be eligible for different subsidies, as well as to be able to sell energy directly to the grid.

The first permit required to be authorized to install solar panels is obtained from the City Council of the town or city in question. To do this, a specific building permit must be requested, citing the work on the roof.

Once the building permit is obtained and the solar panels are installed and operational, permits with the Generalitat de Catalunya or any autonomous community are processed. In this step, a series of forms are filled out, along with a technical report and the installer’s CIE stamp.

After a few days, the autonomous community agency will issue the sealed and prepared documentation.

The next step, after obtaining the documentation, is to proceed with the registration of subsidies, whether they be Next Generation or municipal.

In parallel, the necessary paperwork can also be done with the energy company to change the meter to an energy generator and to be able to compensate for excess energy.

Do you need to obtain permits for solar panels?

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The business activity license is obtained with the intervention of an engineer, who classifies the activity based on the requirements, ensures compliance with all regulations, and issues a certification that the premises are suitable for conducting the activity. This document not only gives confidence to the municipality that the premises meet the requirements, but the entrepreneur also has the security that they are carrying out a lawful activity, has permission from the administration to carry it out, and can develop their business with total freedom.

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Frequently asked questions about solar panel permits

Do you need a technical report to obtain permits for solar panel installation?

Yes, in any case, a technical report describing the installation must be prepared. Although it is true that a small number of municipalities do not require the report to obtain a building permit, the report is always needed for the processing of the Ritsic permit.

Can the municipality issue a fine if permits are not obtained?

Yes, if the permits for the installation of solar panels are not obtained, it is considered an illegal construction and therefore, the property owner will be responsible for said installation.

Are there cases where the municipality has issued fines for not having permits?

From our engineering firm, we have many cases of clients who come to us to legalize their entire solar panel installation because the company they hired simply installed the panels without any permits or paperwork, and the property owners end up being held responsible.

Are fees required to obtain permits?

Yes, fees must be paid, and the level of fees to be paid will depend on each municipality. There are fees ranging from €3, which are fully subsidized, to €800 in municipalities where the installation of solar panels is not subsidized.

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