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In a community of neighbors, it is common to share the use of solar panels to harness electricity generated by solar radiation. There are two modalities to take advantage of solar panels in a communal building and enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Furthermore, the profitability of solar panels considerably surpasses that of individual homes. By distributing the cost among residents, there is a reduction in individual expenses and a shorter payback period.

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What does a community of neighbors need to install solar panels?

To carry out the installation of solar panels in a community of neighbors, it is essential to obtain the unanimous agreement of the property owners, reflected in a legal document. All resident property owners must approve the initiative, and those who rent must obtain approval from their landlords.

The authorization process begins with obtaining an agreement from property owners, an official document that reflects the will of the majority of neighbors. Legal regulations, specifically Law 49/1960, Article 17, requires the favorable vote of the simple majority of property owners, who in turn represent the majority of participation shares.

Some key aspects to consider include that the necessary simple majority of property owners may vary depending on the size of the community. Those who vote against will not be able to benefit from the economic savings generated by the solar panels, and the vote of absent property owners is considered favorable.

Frequently asked questions about Photovoltaics for Community of Neighbors

How many neighbors need to approve solar panels?

To install solar panels in a community of property owners in Spain, it is required that at least ⅓ of the neighbors agree in the case of collective self-consumption exclusively for property owners and ⅔ in the case of common areas. This regulation is supported by the Horizontal Property Law. It is essential to obtain this agreement to benefit from the generated energy and share the installation costs among supporting residents.

Who owns the community installation?

In a self-consumption installation in a community of property owners, ownership is shared among all associated consumers. This means that all neighbors participating in the distribution agreement will be owners, producers, and consumers of the generated energy. This shared ownership structure encourages collaboration and mutual benefit in terms of cost savings and environmental sustainability.

How to initiate the installation of communal solar panels?

To initiate the installation of solar panels in a community of neighbors, the first step is to request quotes and compare offers from different installation companies. It is crucial to contact qualified and experienced installers. Then, the agreement of at least the required number of neighbors, depending on the chosen installation modality, must be obtained. With the necessary support, the technical visit, installation of solar panels, inverters, and meters can proceed, allowing the community to benefit from a more sustainable energy consumption.

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