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At Vallcorba Enginyers, we understand the importance of having a solid and well-planned project for the success of your solar panel installations. As a team of engineers specialized in solar energy, we offer project drafting services to solar panel installers, companies, and authorities looking to carry out solar self-consumption projects of any size.

Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for you to implement efficient and sustainable photovoltaic systems. Our main services include the following:

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Engineering Project Drafting

Our experience in the design and planning of photovoltaic installations enables us to provide a customized solution for your solar self-consumption projects:

Site Visits

We conduct on-site assessments of your location to develop a project tailored to your specific needs.

System Sizing

We perform a detailed analysis to determine the optimal size of the installation and its technical-economic feasibility.

Technical Project Drafting

In compliance with current regulations, we prepare a detailed technical project that serves as a guide for implementation.

Roof Strength Certification

We ensure the safety and suitability of the roof to support the installation of solar panels.

Health and Safety Plan

We prioritize safety at all project stages and create a plan to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

Blueprint Creation

We generate precise blueprints for you to visualize the layout of the installation.

Detailed Budget

We provide a transparent and competitive budget for the construction work.

Solar Energy Project Management

If you are looking for professional support during the execution of your project, our technical management team will provide you with all the technical assistance and continuous supervision you need throughout the solar panel installation process:

  1. Laying-out Reports: We document each stage to ensure the correct execution of the project.
  2. Periodic Site Visits: We supervise the project’s progress and ensure that quality standards are met.
  3. Health and Safety Coordination: We implement measures to ensure a safe working environment and compliance with regulations.
  4. As-Built Project Drafting: We document the modifications made during construction to have accurate documentation.
  5. Final Work Certificate: We issue a certificate validating the successful completion of the project.

Legalization of Self-Consumption Projects

Legalization is a fundamental step for the commissioning of any photovoltaic installation. We take care of the entire process, allowing you to focus on your project:

  1. Connection Point Processing: We ensure that your installation is efficiently connected to the electrical grid.
  2. Prior Administrative Authorization: We handle all the necessary permits for project implementation.
  3. Technical Access Contract: We facilitate the procedures for the connection and operation of your photovoltaic system.
  4. OCA Inspection Management: We coordinate the necessary inspections to meet legal requirements.
  5. Registration in Records: We handle registration in the Register of Electrical Installations and Industrial Safety (RITSIC) and other relevant records, such as the Register of Self-Consumption in Catalonia (RAC) and the Register of Producers under Special Regime (RIPRE).
  6. Advice on Compensation or Sale of Surpluses: We assist you in making the most of your solar energy generation.

Tender Specification Documents

Participating in tenders can be an excellent opportunity to boost your business. We provide our expertise to help you stand out in this process:

  1. Preparation of Administrative Specification Documents: We prepare clear and comprehensive documents for the tender.
  2. Evaluation Criteria for Offers: We define criteria for evaluating and selecting the best proposal.
  3. Technical Specification Documents: We develop detailed technical specifications to ensure the project’s quality.
  4. Technical and Economic Evaluation: We participate in evaluating the offers to make an informed decision.

At Vallcorba Enginyers, we are committed to excellence and efficiency in every photovoltaic project we undertake. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers is ready to support you in all phases of photovoltaic installation project development.

Frequently Asked Questions about Photovoltaic Installation Engineering

What is photovoltaic installation engineering?

Photovoltaic installation engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on the design, planning, implementation, and maintenance of photovoltaic solar energy systems. These systems harness sunlight to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect, in which certain materials produce an electric current when exposed to sunlight.
At Vallcorba Enginyers, we specialize in this type of engineering and work closely with solar panel installers.

How can Vallcorba Enginyers assist a solar panel installer?

Vallcorba Enginyers assists solar panel installers with project drafting, project management, legalization, and tender advice, optimizing the execution and success of photovoltaic projects.


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