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What is the prior fire brigade report?

The prior fire brigade report is a procedure that must be passed for all those activities that are required by law 3/2010 of the Generalitat de Catalunya and consists of:

  • Determining by classification that a prior report is required
  • Ask the City Council for a report introducing a fire prevention project.
  • The City Council refers internally to the Fire Department.
  • The Fire Brigade responds to the Town Council and the latter sends the comments to the technician.
  • The comments are responded to via a request to the Town Council.
  • With a favorable report from the fire brigade, the reform can proceed.
  • Once the reform has been carried out, a favorable control report is requested.
  • An inspector of the Control Entity checks all the points and issues a favorable report.

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To complete the whole sequence, as can be guessed, is a slow and tedious process and can take between 6 months and a year.

Annex I classifies all the non-industrial activities that require this report and Annex II classifies the industrial activities that require a report. The most significant are:

  • Car parks of more than 750m2.
  • Medium-risk warehouses with no surface area limit.
  • Public entertainment establishments
  • Campsites located more than 500m from forest land.
  • Recreational activities with a surface area of more than 500m2
  • Low risk premises with a surface area of more than 1500m2 (type Av)
  • Low risk premises with a surface area of more than 500m2 (type Ah)


Frequently asked questions about the change of ownership in Barcelona

Why is Vallcorba Enginyers the ideal company to carry out the fire brigade report?

Vallcorba Enginyers has experience in this sector and knows the communication channels with the different administrations to be able to speed up the procedures and have the favorable control report without any problem.

Is the fire brigade report a mandatory procedure for new activities classified in the annexes of Law 3/2010?

Yes, it is an essential procedure for classified activities.

Is it complicated to obtain the favorable control report?

In order to obtain the favorable control certificate, the most important thing is to have the work carried out and that the industrialists who have participated have delivered the certificates of commissioning, installation and testing of all the actions carried out.

In many cases, the certificates are blocked due to a lack of internal company documentation.

How strict are the fire regulations that must be followed?

There are more and more regulations related to fire protection systems. The most important ones are Law 3/2010, the RIPCI, the RSCIEI and the CTE. But apart from these, there are a large number of technical instructions drawn up by the Fire Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

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