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What is the prior notification of opening?

Law 18/2020, by which Catalonia classifies a large part of economic activities, has three main classifications and ways of processing openings with the Town Council.

  • Annex I – Responsible declaration of opening
  • Annex II – Prior notification of opening
  • Annex III – Environmental license

The responsible opening declaration is described in the following link.

To give a generic description of the broad outlines of this classification, these would be all medium-sized activities for which it is not sufficient to produce a certifying document such as the responsible declaration, but neither is it necessary to apply for an environmental license as if we wanted to open a large hotel or a large industry.

These would be bars, restaurants, commercial premises of more than 120m2, offices of more than 500m2, clinics of more than 120m2, car parks of more than 5 places, gyms, and so on.

For more information about the classification of your activity, please contact us without obligation.

Do you need a previous opening communication?

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The big difference with an Annex I is that this procedure requires a technical project, popularly known as an activity project. With this project, with a technical certificate from an engineer and with the certification of a control entity, together with other documents that may be requested by the Town Council, the Town Council is informed by means of an application that we are opening the business and it has 1 month to respond.


Frequently asked questions about pre-opening communication in Barcelona

Why can Vallcorba Enginyers help you with the pre-opening communication of your business?

Vallcorba Enginyers has extensive experience with pre-opening communications and with the functioning of the different municipalities. We have more than 300 openings related to this procedure and we know the sectorial regulations that regulate each section of the activity project.

If you classify your activity and you receive prior notification, is it obligatory to draw up an activity project?

Yes, as long as the activity is classified as such, an activity project drawn up and approved by an engineer is compulsory.

Is a control entity required to review each prior notification of opening?

It depends on each city council. Barcelona, for example, delegates the control bodies to supervise all pre-opening notifications and only collects the information.

Other smaller municipalities usually have a technical reviewer who issues comments on the project or carries out a pre-notification inspection.

Is the pre-notification of the opening a simple procedure to carry out?

When it is classified according to Annex II, it means that the activity already has a considerable dimension, that it may have a high influx of public or that the safety of people needs to be protected.

Therefore, this procedure becomes a little more complicated. By means of the activity project, all the actions that need to be carried out in the premises to comply with the regulations are ruled on.

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