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What is a rehabilitation project?

Rehabilitation projects aim to restore and/or improve certain parts of a building or construction that are in poor condition. 

Rehabilitation projects maintain and conserve the systems and different areas of a building. Moreover, it is not only about fixing the deficient parts, but also about improving the affected areas, with more suitable materials, or applying more durable materials, or improving the systems for a longer durability. 

We can find different types of rehabilitation projects;

  • Façade projects.
  • Roof projects.
  • Projects for party walls.
  • Structural projects.
  • Improvement projects according to the ITE.
  • Comprehensive refurbishment projects. 

Usually the rehabilitation projects are conditioned by problems in the buildings usually due to the passage of time and age of the construction, such as cracks, poor state of conservation of the walls, dampness, deteriorated materials….. 

Rehabilitation projects help to improve and conserve the building, to maintain it so that it has a better durability over time.

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Frequently asked questions about refurbishment projects in Barcelona

Why does Vallcorba Enginyers help you with rehabilitation projects?

Vallcorba Enginyers has been involved in refurbishment projects for 10 years, which are usually necessary projects to be carried out due to problems of deficiencies in buildings. 

The architecture department began its first works dedicated to rehabilitation projects, especially rehabilitation projects for façades, party walls, roofs and structural improvements. 

Vallcorba Enginyers’ technicians specialized, already in their career, in rehabilitation projects, studying the problems and solutions for the deficiencies of the buildings. For this reason, and the fact that we started our professional career dedicated to this type of project means that we know and have a great deal of experience to provide the most appropriate solution. 

At Vallcorba Enginyers we study the problems of the buildings and we provide the most viable solution, both technically and economically to our clients, we are there during the execution of the whole process of the work for a good control.

Is it essential to do a refurbishment project?

Rehabilitation projects are necessary to be able to make improvements to buildings. 

The refurbishment projects are the ones that allow us to obtain the appropriate building permit and to be able to carry out the work. 

In addition, refurbishment projects are technical documents, in which the problems that exist in the buildings must be studied in order to provide a correct and adequate solution in each case, always applying the current regulations, in this way guaranteeing a good execution of the work under the supervision of a qualified technician. 

On the other hand, there are also different regulations for each municipality that help us to define the rehabilitation project, and which we must take into account to develop the project with which we will be given the license to act. For example, if the façade is to be refurbished, it is possible that specific colours have been set by the municipality and must be justified in the project; these are important details that are developed in the project for the license. 

In short, there are many technical conditions that must be applied to carry out a rehabilitation project, essential for the justification of the action, which leads to obtaining the license.

How does the process for a refurbishment project work?

Usually the owners visualize some deficiencies or aesthetic or other problems in the building. From here, they call a competent technician, architect or quantity surveyor to make the appropriate consultations. The technicians make a visit to see the existing problems, and make a non-binding estimate of the steps to be taken. 

If the estimate is approved, the refurbishment project is drawn up so that it can be submitted to the Town Hall to obtain the license. 

While the refurbishment project is being processed for the license at the Town Hall, different quotes are requested from construction companies to evaluate the economic aspects of the project. A construction company is chosen for the execution. 

Once we have the building permit, the improvement works can begin according to the refurbishment project. 

Once the works are finished, the end of work is carried out, and the process is finished. 

Can I call Vallcorba Enginyers so that they can come to my property and see what problems there are in my building?

Yes, we normally make a first visit without obligation to see the existing problems and explain them to the client, so that we can then make an assessment of the improvements. 

If I have general problems in my building in the roof, in the façade and in the structure, should I make a rehabilitation project for each part?

No. In this case it would be a single integral rehabilitation project, in which all the problems of the different areas are added. Everything is included in the same building permit. 

If I have cracks in the wall, is a rehabilitation project necessary?

In principle, yes, it would be necessary, although it is important that the technician can visit you to assess the importance of the problem and thus advise the client on the best way to act. 

Do I always have to ask for a license to make improvements to my house?

Yes, it can be a major building permit or a minor building permit. It is necessary so that the Town Hall is informed of the actions that are being carried out and knows that they are within the regulations. In addition, with the license and the technical project we ensure that in the event of any problem, everything is protected with civil liability insurance for the technicians and the builder.

How long does it usually take to obtain the building permit?

It depends a lot on each municipality and the size of the work, but usually it can take between 2 months and 6 months. This time depends on the municipality. 

Can I, as the owner, choose the construction companies to carry out the work?

Of course, as technicians, if the property owner asks us for advice or a contact for a construction company, we will provide it without any obligation. The choice of construction company is made by the owner. 

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