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Legaliaztion of installations

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona Any modification to an existing installation or a new installation...
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Change of ownership

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona The change of ownership of an activity is called the “transfer” of a business...
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Opening delcaration

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona The responsible opening declaration is the simplest procedure...
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Activity license

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona It is an essential legal document for carrying out the activity and is issued...
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Opening license

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona The opening license is a municipal license for an establishment to carry out...
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Electrical project

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona It is a document that is required for the legalization of low voltage...
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Activity project

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona It is a necessary and compulsory project that must be presented to the...
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Installation project

Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona The installation project is the project that has to be done to legalize...
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Proyecto eléctrico Barcelona The acronym ITE refers to the Technical Inspection of Buildings which is a visual...
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