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One of our services is the realization of basic and executive projects for the facilities of:

Low or medium voltage electrical facilities

2) Thermal facilities (air conditioning and heating) and thermal load study

3) Natural gas facilities

4) Facilities of fire protection systems

5) Facilities of mechanical ventilations and air-intake and extraction systems.

6) Telecommunications facilities

7) Sanitary hot water facilities (ACS)

8) Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems (solar panels)

Once the descriptive memory, calculations and graphical documentation have been generated, we are available to the authorize the installer whenever you need it. We will provide you with the technical guidelines, supervise the assembly and make the quality control of the installed materials.

We can also help the customer to find the most optimal price for  a specific installation needs and quality.

For the legalization of facilities in many cases a project is required visa that has to be signed by a collegiate of engineers and an insurance policy in force. This documentation and the official blanks filled in by the authorized installer can be entered by the Generalitat’s Industrial register and properly legalized.

Apart, també es necessita l’Acta favorable emesa per una Entitat de Control. Nosaltres gestionem el contacte amb aquesta entitat i estem al costat del instal·lador el dia de la inspecció.

The favorable act issued by a supervisory body is also required. We will contact with this Supervisory organism and will be together with the installer on the day of inspection.

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