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One of the most complicated points in the opening of a new establishment is the correct choice of the space.

It is necessary to take into account the urban combativeness. Not all sites are valid to locate any type of activity, you will always have to ask the city council if it is allowed or not. From the office we will help you to carry out this procedure by asking for an appointment to the city council and talking with the technician responsible for the activities and exposing you with clearer project.

Once confirmed that the council agrees on the space and location for the desired activity, we will have to make a thorough inspection to determine at first sight what are the actions that have to be carried out in the space. By making a preliminary study of the current regulations, the minimum m2 of each stay will be determined, Num. of services and heights, emergency routes, accessibility, fire actions of walls, roof and structure, climate, electrical installation, air renewal,…

With this visit we will be able to determine if the activity can be implemented or not, and will give a first impression of the magnitude of the reform. Essential information for the decision making of the client.

In our services we offer:

1) Coordination with developers and real estate agencies

2) Pre-visits and advice in-situ to the local.

3) Comparation of units and budget control

4) Basic study of the actions and reforms to be carried out in each place

5) Optimization of costs in the choice of the local.

We always recommend our clients that before formalizing the rent of the premises they are well advised, as problems can arise that have not been contemplated or that the reforms are excessively expensive and inadequate.

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