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What procedures are required for solar panel installation?

To install solar panels and legally authorize them, a series of procedures must be carried out.
The procedures to be carried out are listed below in temporal order:

Obtaining a building permit

This first procedure consists of obtaining the necessary building permit from the municipality where the installation is located in order to legally carry out the work. By communicating with the municipality and submitting all the required documentation, the building permit will be processed.


Once the installation is complete and prior to the authorized installer sealing the CIE, the installation of a power generating system must be processed through the Canal Empresa. This procedure is essential to inform the administration of the power generated and to continue with the most important procedures for the user.

Subsidy application

In order to be eligible for subsidies, they must be processed in advance through the subsidy channel and the required forms must be completed.

Excess energy compensation

To compensate for excess energy, a new meter must be installed and the energy consumed must be compensated with the energy contributed to the grid through the energy supplier.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panel Procedures

Is it necessary to have the stamp of an authorized installer to process the installation of solar panels?

Yes, it is necessary, as for the Ritsic and RAC processing a signed CIE is needed by an authorized installer to certify the installation.

What are the minimum procedures to follow if we want to install solar panels?

The minimum procedures to correctly legalize a solar panel installation are obtaining the relevant construction permit, as if the municipality detects that the procedure has not been carried out correctly, it can open a sanction and impose a fine.
If the procedures are not followed and nothing else is done, the owner will not be able to apply for any grants nor will they be able to be a power generator to sell energy to the grid.
Vallcorba Enginyer offers a complete package for installers, users, and large companies where the customer does not have to worry about any documentation or processing. They just have to sell the installation, install the solar panels, and start up the system.

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