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What are ICIO grants?

ICIO grants are a financing alternative offered in Catalonia to promote the use of solar panels. Specifically, this type of subsidy, also known as Impuesto sobre Construcciones, Instalaciones y Obras (ICIO), is a tax levied by municipalities for the execution of works carried out under their jurisdiction.

In other words, it is a mandatory municipal fee that must be paid when solar panels or solar panels are installed and offers a tax reduction of between 50 and 90%, varying depending on the municipality.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ICIO Grants

What is the municipal fee to be paid for installing solar panels?

According to the Tax on Constructions, Installations, and Works (ICIO), it is necessary to pay a fee of 4% or 5% of the total budget when installing solar panels. In other words, if the price of an installation of 8 solar panels is €5,800, the ICIO fee at 4% would be approximately €232.

Which municipalities in Catalonia have discounted ICIO for solar panels?

Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Terrassa, and Tarragona have ICIO discounts ranging from 50% to 95%. Below are the bonuses for the Barcelona area:

  • Barcelona, with a 95% ICIO discount.
  • Hospitalet de Llobregat, with a 95% ICIO discount.
  • Terrassa, with a 50% ICIO discount.
  • Badalona, with a 50% ICIO discount.
  • Sabadell, with a 95% ICIO discount.

Which locality in Catalonia has the lowest ICIO discount?

Tarragona city, with a 2% ICIO discount. In the rest of the province, the figures range between 50% and 95%:

  • In Reus, it is 50%
  • In Cambrils, it is 50%.
  • In Tortosa, it is 90%.
  • In Calafell, it is 95%.

How is the ICIO discount calculated?

Following the example mentioned earlier, if the price of an installation of 8 solar panels is €5,800 and the ICIO fee at 4% indicates that it is necessary to pay approximately €232, but the solar panel is located in an area that has a 90% ICIO discount, it would be necessary to subtract 90% from the fee price.

That is, first we calculate how much is 90% of €232, making a rule of three and, with that result, which is €208.8, we perform a simple subtraction of that value from the total. The figure that comes out as a result (€232 – €208.8 = €23.2) is the price that would have to be paid finally. That is, €23 instead of €232.

How to apply for these grants?

These ICIO grants for solar panels in Catalonia can be requested by individuals or legal entities carrying out construction or rehabilitation works on properties located in Catalonia.

As a general rule, they can be requested following the procedure established in the current grant call, which usually includes submitting an online application, submitting additional documentation, and conducting a technical visit.

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