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What is the ITE?

The acronym ITE refers to the Technical Inspection of Buildings, which is a visual inspection of the state of the construction

It is intended to be an obligatory administrative procedure to have a control and to know the state of the existing building fleet. This inspection reveals the possible legal preventive maintenance to be carried out on these buildings in order to avoid a major problem in terms of safety and habitability. Thus, this inspection will not help to know the “health” of our building, if there are dampness, structure, façade or roof problems. 

Areas of the Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE):

  • Foundations and structure.
  • Façades and party walls.
  • Watertightness and roofs.
  • Installations
  • Elements affecting safety and health.

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The ITE will be favorable when all the factors listed above meet the conditions. In case of unfavorable, the possible deficiencies must be described in order to repair them, and thus obtain the favorable report.

Barcelona ITE

ITE Vallcorba Enginyers

Frequently asked questions about the Technical Inspection of Buildings in Barcelona

Is it essential to pass the ITE?

The Technical Building Inspection is compulsory for buildings that are 50 years old or more.

Law 8/2013, of 26 June, on urban rehabilitation, regeneration and renovation, obliges owners of buildings older than 45 years to carry out this technical report in order to evaluate the state of conservation of the building. Subsequently, it must be done periodically every 10 years, for residential dwellings or collective dwellings. 

It is intended to be an inspection to recognize the dangers in the buildings and to avoid possible risks that help us to promote the recovery and conservation of our buildings, promoting an improvement of the quality of our constructions.

When do I have to pass the inspection?

If you have not passed it, and your building is more than 45 years old, you must pass the Technical Building Inspection.

How does the process for the Technical Building Inspection work?

To find out if you have to pass the Technical Inspection, you can consult the Generalitat, or a technician, or the administrator of the property, or you can call the Town Hall. Once you know that you have to pass the inspection, you have to hire a competent technician to carry out the inspection and generate the result, this can be: 

  • Favorable Inspection. The technician processes the report so that it is recorded in the Generalitat, and a favorable report is generated for the property.
  • Unfavorable inspection. In the case of an unfavorable report, there is a margin of two years to solve the deficiencies. Depending on the type of deficiencies that need to be made, a technical project will be required to obtain the license, and an estimate from a construction company to carry out the improvements. 

Once the deficiencies have been fixed, the favorable ITE report can be processed.

Why does Vallcorba Engiyners help you with the ITE?

Vallcorba Enginyers has a department of technical architects specialized in building deficiencies and pathologies, which makes us experts in the field. In addition, we are constantly learning about new causes and deficiencies that may arise in buildings through our professional association. 

At Vallcorba Enginyers we help you to pass the Technical Building Inspection without you having to worry about any paperwork. We advise you so that the cost and viability are lower and we facilitate and manage the procedures for the opening of the activity.

We take care of explaining to the Communities of Owners the situation of the building and the best way to deal with it. Our experience in carrying out these inspections has helped us a lot in understanding and channelling the situation of each building, analyzing the best result for the building and for the tenants.

Who is Vallcorba Enginyers?

We are a multidisciplinary office, with an architecture department, specialized in studying the issues related to the ITE’s. 

Can Vallcorba Enginyers carry out a Technical Building Inspection?

Yes, in the architecture department there are qualified technicians with responsibility in the field of construction who can carry out this inspection.

If the ITE is unfavorable and I have to repair part of the façade, do I need a building permit?

Yes, a technical project will have to be drawn up in order to obtain the license, and a construction company will have to be contacted to carry out the improvements. 

If the ITE is unfavorable because the interior railings need to be changed, do I need a building permit?

In this case, as it is a small intervention, it may be possible to process it with an “assabentat”, and a project would not be necessary, although all the actions to be carried out would have to be clearly seen.


Inspección técnica de edificios Barcelona


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