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What is the urban compatibility certificate?

An urban compatibility certificate is an official document issued by the municipal authority or local government that determines whether a construction project or land use complies with urban planning regulations and rules. In other words, it is a certification that ensures the property is compatible with the designated use as outlined in its planning.
Obtaining this certificate is usually a prerequisite for requesting other permits related to construction or land occupancy, such as building permits. Therefore, it is essential to apply for it before purchasing a property, especially if the intention is to establish a business.

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urban compatibility certificate

urban compatibility certificate

Benefits of Requesting the Urban Compatibility Certificate

  • Know if the property is suitable for the desired commercial activity.
  • Ensure that you will be provided with the opening license before making the investment.
  • Having this certificate facilitates the process of obtaining these permits, as it demonstrates that the project complies with urban planning regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Urban Compatibility Certificate

How to request urban compatibility?

To request urban compatibility in Spain, it is necessary to go to the corresponding Town Hall where the project is to be carried out and submit the required documentation.
This documentation usually includes the construction plan or land use plan, project description, and corresponding plans and sketches. Additionally, it may be necessary to pay a fee to initiate the process.

Once the application is submitted, the Town Hall will proceed to carry out a technical inspection and review whether the project complies with current urban planning regulations and rules. If it is verified that the project is compatible with the regulations, an urban compatibility certificate will be issued.

Who issues the compatibility of use certificate?

The urban compatibility or use certificate is issued by the competent authorities in urban planning matters, so in many cases, it is the municipalities or local governments that handle these types of procedures.
In Spain, this certificate is issued by the Public Administration competent in urban planning, which may vary depending on the autonomous community.

When is an urban compatibility certificate mandatory?

Although it is not usually mandatory to have an urban compatibility certificate, it is especially recommended and beneficial to have it in many cases. And, as a general rule, it is requested when one of the following actions is to be carried out:

  • Construction of new buildings or extension of existing ones.
  • Change of use of a property.
  • Carrying out works that affect structural elements of the building, such as facades, roofs, etc.
  • Changes in the activity carried out in a premises (change of business).

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