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The activity license is a legal requirement demanded by the city councils and the administrations in order to be able to develop a specific activity in a space, establishment or industrial warehouse. For this reason, before starting the activity one must present to the administration all the documentation that proves that the premises, building, industrial warehouse, complies with the current regulations and all the legal requirements.


We have a huge experience in the legalization of all kinds of activities, either in the urban field as in the industrial area. Below we name the most common activities:

1) Musical establishments: discotheques, music Bar, Karaoke’s, concert halls, etc.

2) Teaching centers: Schools, institutes, academies, centers, etc.

3) Restoration: restaurants, bars, workplaces, etc.

4) General trade: Textile shops, retail stores, bookstores, pharmacies,

5) Aesthetics: Hairdressers, local tattoos, beauty salons, etc.

6) Sanitary: Dental clinics, medical centers, beauty centers, etc.

7) Food trade: food services, supermarkets, tastings, bakeries, etc

8) Offices: Agencies, banks, professional firms, etc.

9) Sports centers: paddle tennis courts, gymnasium, pavilion, etc.

10) Hotel: hotels, hostels, tourist flats, pensions, etc.

11) Residential: Common service areas in buildings, etc

12) Car parks: private and public

13) Industrial: Industrial warehouses, factories, distributors, warehouses, production


In many town halls and more specially in Barcelona, a favorable verification certificate issued by an Supervisor organisme is required. They have all the generated documentation that they believe is timely in each activity and when the activity is about to start, they come to do an inspection.

We communicate with these entities and we know perfectly the steps to make in every moment of the reform and legalization.

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