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Do you need an electrical project for an industrial building?

As an installation company, it is essential to have a proper electrical project to carry out the installation of solar panels in an industrial building. A detailed engineering project provides precise guidance on the specific system requirements, the optimal location of the solar panels, the required generating capacity, the configuration of the cable system and the power distribution.

In addition, the project ensures that the installation complies with applicable standards and regulations, guaranteeing the safety, efficiency and durability of the PV system. If you are looking for an electrical project for an industrial building, at VallcorbaEnginyers we have a multidisciplinary team with which you can count on for the electrical project and thus make the installations for your clients.

Do you want to carry out a photovoltaic project on your building?

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What is a detailed executive project?

An executive project for electrical projects in industrial buildings is a set of documents and detailed plans that describe and specify all the technical and construction aspects of the electrical system in an industrial building. Its main objective is to provide the necessary information for the proper execution of the works and the electrical installation.

What is construction management?

When we talk about construction management in electrical projects for industrial buildings, we are referring to the monitoring and technical supervision of the execution of the works and the electrical installation by a construction manager or a construction management team. Its main objective is to ensure that the construction meets the technical specifications and quality standards established in the executive project.

What does your service include?

At Vallcorba Enginyers, we take care of carrying out the electrical project necessary for an installation company to carry out the installation, as well as all the related documentation required for the installation company to perform its work. Some of the procedures we carry out during this process are the Ritsic and RAC procedures.

If you are interested and need assistance, you can send us an email to info@vallcorbaenginyers.com


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