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What is an activity project?

It is a necessary and compulsory project that must be presented to the local council in order to obtain the opening license for your business.

By means of this project, the responsible technician, sets out all the necessary information so that the town council and the control entity can check that the activity that you intend to develop in that location is legal and complies with all the established requirements.

According to the regulations, the activity project can be signed by a competent technician, who has a current civil liability and has the capacity to sign. This can be an engineer, an architect or a quantity surveyor.

These are the most significant parts that the project must have:

  • Descriptive technical report
  • Site and location plans
  • Floor and section plans (accessibility, ventilation, fire protection, machinery)
  • Budget
  • Calculations and diagrams if required

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This project is required when the activity to be authorized is classified under the opening notification or opening license regime. For activities classified as a responsible declaration of opening, depending on the local council, documentation or a simple certificate is required.

proyecto de actividad Barcelona

Proyecto actividad Barcelona

Frequently asked questions about the activity project in Barcelona

What is the price of such a project?

The price usually varies between 750 and 2000€. It must always be taken into account that the project does not include a project management.

Why do I need it?

You will need this project in order to know what actions need to be carried out in your building or premises, by carrying it out you will determine all the points that do not comply and therefore what works need to be carried out.

Which are the basic aspects described in the activity project?

The project describes and justifies a multitude of regulations related to the Technical Building Code, accessibility, fire prevention, installations, waste, atmospheric emissions, acoustic emissions, vibrations, air conditioning, air renewal, risk prevention and safety, sanitation, bathrooms and washbasins, toilets, etc.

Why is Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes the right firm to carry out an activity project for you?

Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes has more than 10 years of experience in the sector, we know a wide variety of uses and activities, and we have our own internal protocols and the necessary organization to offer a detailed service and understand the client’s needs.

In our activity project, we always deliver an executive summary which we call an action plan. It describes all the actions to be carried out and the documentation that will be required.

Barcelona proyecto de actividad

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