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What is the responsible opening declaration?

The responsible opening declaration is the simplest procedure that exists for opening a business.

This opening procedure consists of an application/form drawn up by the local council where the interested party signs a series of points and takes responsibility that the activity he/she is opening complies with current regulations.

On the other hand, the town hall asks for a Responsable Model signed by an engineer. This document consists of 3 sheets where the most important parts of the premises are described, here is the link where you can find this document. The Generalitat describes them as environmentally friendly activities.

In it you should enter points such as:

  • Details of the owner
  • Classification of the activity ( law 16/2015 and CCAE)
  • Surface areas and heights
  • Occupation
  • List of machinery
  • Types of supplies
  • Cadastral reference
  • Sketch

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Here is the important part, for innocuous activities, each town council manages them according to its own criteria and asks for the documentation it deems appropriate. For example, in Caldes de Montbui they only ask for the application signed by the owner and the Model DR signed by the engineer. On the other hand, in Barcelona, these are classified according to Annex III.3 and they also ask for a descriptive technical report, location plan, site plan, floor plan and section.

In other words, in short, they ask for a simplified project. Therefore, the cost of opening a shop is higher in Barcelona than elsewhere.

Declaración responsable Barcelona

Declaración de apertura

Frequently asked questions about the responsible opening declaration in Barcelona

How can I find out if I have a responsible opening declaration and my activity is classified as innocuous?

The best thing to do is to contact Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes and in a free consultation we will classify your activity for you. If you want to spend some time, you can consult Law 16/2015, Law 20/2009 and the by-laws of your municipality.

Is a commercial premises with retail sales considered a procedure with a responsible declaration of opening?

According to Law 16/2015, a retail business premises is considered a harmless activity if its useful surface area is less than 120m2. It would also be necessary to check the ordinances of each municipality to be sure.

Where can the completion of such a certificate be complicated?

According to law 16/2015, an office open to the public is considered a harmless activity if its useful surface area is less than 500m2

The law contemplates that, if the office is of a commercial nature, then it is considered innocuous if its useful surface area is less than 120m2.

Why is Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes the right firm to carry out the process for the Responsible Opening Declaration?

Vallcorba Enginyers/Arquitectes is familiar with the workings of many local councils and knows how to obtain this type of license without surprises or problems.

It is a sector where the company feels very close to the people, where most of these procedures are done by enterprising people who open small businesses and have the restlessness and the desire to make their investment and their idea succeed.

Declaración responsable de apertura Barcelona

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