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What is a reform project?

Refurbishment projects are all projects related to the modification of an existing building

Refurbishment projects can include different concepts

Change of interior distribution.
Enlargement or reduction of openings in the façade.
Enlargement of the volume of the construction.
Structural reinforcements.

In order to carry out the changes described above, a reform project is needed to obtain the building permit. This document explains all the modifications to be carried out. 

The reform projects are created by a client’s need, for example, a change of distribution in a house. To do this, the client presents the proposal of what they want and how they would like it to be, in order to work on it, and to be able to make the best proposal that fits the client.  

The reform projects are very common because they cover many types of reforms, not only those mentioned above, which are the most common and general, but also other types of changes in existing distributions.

Do you need a reform project?

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If I have to make a change of distribution in an industrial building, does it fall under the reform project?

Yes, it is a reform project. 

If I want to open more windows on the façade of my house, is it a reform project?

Yes, practically all changes in existing constructions are renovation projects.

Frequently asked questions about renovation projects in Barcelona

Why does Vallcorba Enginyers help you with renovation projects?

Vallcorba Enginyers is an architectural and engineering firm specialized in refurbishment, as it is the most common type of project, due to all the types of projects it covers. 

Based on our knowledge and experience in construction projects in existing buildings, we propose the best solution for the changes to be carried out. Beforehand, we ask the client to explain what they want or would like and the reasons behind this decision in order to understand and put ourselves on the client’s side and achieve the best option. 

In order to get a good proposal, the client has to explain his ideas and motives. 

From the studio we want to help you to carry out your project in the best way and with the greatest confidence so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Is it essential to do a renovation project?

A refurbishment project must be carried out whenever important modifications are made, such as those mentioned in the first point. 

A project must be carried out in order to study the compliance with the regulations, and to record the changes to the Town Hall so that it can register the changes. 

A reform project is needed to obtain the building permit, so that when the works are carried out, they are covered by the insurances of the technicians and the builder. 

The client can have peace of mind in case of any unexpected damage to the building work. 

On the other hand, by carrying out the reform project with a competent technician, besides being a legal obligation, it is the way to find the most appropriate solutions, making a good previous study.

How does the process for a renovation project work?

The client must contact a competent technician, an architect or technical architect, and explain what is needed. 

The technician makes the necessary consultations with the Town Hall for the viability, and will draw up the reform project, explaining the changes to be made. 

This project must be submitted to the Town Hall for review and application for the building permit. 

Once the building permit is obtained, a construction company will be contracted to carry out the work.  

While the work is being carried out, the technician who has drawn up the project is in charge of supervising the work and verifying that it is being carried out correctly. 

Once the work is finished, the final work certificate is issued, the Town Hall is notified, and the project is considered finished. 

Throughout the whole process, the client will be informed of the evolution and situation of the work. 

If I want a specific reform proposal, which I have very clear, can I tell the technician to make the same proposal?

Yes, you can make the proposal that the client wants, as long as it complies with the regulations. 

If I do not agree with the proposal that has been made, can I ask for it to be modified?

Yes, the proposal for changes must be acceptable to the client. In any case, we work the proposal very closely with the client so that it is the right choice.

Do I need a renovation project to change the floor in my house?

In principle it is not necessary, as it is a very simple modification. A communication must be made to the Town Hall, indicating that these modifications are going to be made, but a reform project is not required. 

If I want to change the interior layout of my house, do I need a reform project?

Yes, a reform project is necessary to verify compliance with the regulations and the knowledge that the work is going to be carried out correctly, without safety problems.

For the renovation project, can I get different quotes from technicians?

Yes, the technician is chosen by the client and can go and see different professionals. 

While the work is being carried out, can I go and see how it is looking?

Yes, always with security and together with the technician responsible for the work, you can go and visit it.

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